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    Disc Manager                      Duplicate / Copy / Archive / Back-Up

    Disc Manager

    software package controls automatic duplication system equipped with disc loader, recordable CD/DVD drives and with optional disc printer. The software contains several parts:


    • Disc Manager - for PC based duplication system control with disc autoloader
    • Label Designer - for creating labels and direct printing on printable disc
    • Disc Xpress - mastering software for recording CD, DVD- and DVD+ media and images creating
    • NET Client - software for image sending from Client side to Disc Manager using TCP/IP.



    Disc Xpress

    provides solutions for mastering and recording data CD/DVDs. The Disc Xpress support CD-R, CD-R/W, DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-R/W, DVD+R/W, DVD double and dual layer.



    Label Designer

    is a simplest graphic design program that allows you:
    • Design personal CD Label without computer graphic design background. This is easy way how to design your CD or DVD label.
    • Auto cut off the disc size by the software
    • Overlap printing
    • Template support possibility to edit and add new templates
    • Object oriented designer
    • Predefined templates for automatic CD printer ODP100, ODP200, ODP500 and CD Printer 5000 Pro (Recorder, Plus)
    • Easy to use and simple operation

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    Products >> Software >> Software
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