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    Duplication, on-demand, back-up, archiving & printing systems

    CD/DVD/BD Publishing System Omega
    with embeded PC system

    for mass duplication, archiving, back-up, on-demand copying, dics personalisation and direct printing.

    All under one cover!

    • two CD/DVD or BD recorders
    • 6 color ink-jet thermal printer
    • input capacity 100 discs, reject bin 30 discs
    • throughput is about 35 fully printed CDs/h
    • Windows 7 and NERO installed
    • new Disc Manager 6.2 software for full control
    • opt. DM Pro *
    • opt. Read Disc function **

    Fully automated system for simultaneous recording and printing. Solid and proven Omega robotics load and unload burners and printer from and into the bins. Bad discs are rejected in separate bin.

    Price starts at 2.990,- EUR        

                                                                 (standard price Omega DVD 3.590,-   Omega BD 3.990,-)                 


      *Disc Manager 6.2 Pro containes all features for remote control (read UM)

        Label Designer 6.2 Advanced with new features (read UM)

    **Read Disc function for reading images or files on CD/DVD/BD discs and recording onto
        internal HDD             special offer 200,- EUR



    CD, DVD, BD Duplication, duplicators
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