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    From history

    1990- PC based computers  import, assembling and service
    1991- TERRA developed first stand-alone controller JUMBO-line/3rev for diskette duplicators
    1992- the first manually loaded diskette duplicator in 3 revolution mode
    - development of POS system - TPS line
    1993 - automatic loaded diskette duplicators
    - own POS system TPS line
    1994- MINI-line/2rev. The first 2 revolution high speed stand-alone controller for disk duplicators
    - PC-line/2rev controller with COPY Manager for PC based duplicators
    1995 - MPC analog/digital electronics for quality control and for industrial
    - diskette certification TL 3500 and TL 35  for precision diskette analyzis
    - 3,5" In-Line diskette labeler LA 30 for duplication process automatization
    1996- Stand-alone CDR-500 duplicator (stand-alone) with one recorder
    - our CD labeler for wide sort of labels
    1997- High-End Multi-target CD-R duplication system CDR-4000 up to 5 recorders
    - Network for CD-4000 & CDR-4100, software CD-Disc Manager DOS & Windows version
    - spec. modified printer EPSON for print on CD (CDP 440/640)
    1998- CD-Disc Manager for Windows95 & NT
    - New stand-alone CD-R duplicators, CDR-4600 and CDR-510
    - Full color CD printer
    1999- 6x and 8x recording speed in CDR duplicators up to 8 recorders
    - Moving to the new office and production facility
    - CD Pro 50 - fully automated CDR duplicator
    - IM2000 series hard disc duplicators of ICS/USA for Czech market
    2000- New generation of CD applicators and adaptors for shaped recordable media
    - 12x speed with 7 recorders in CDR duplicators
    - CopyJet CD autoloader - first prototype
    - Fully automated CDR duplicator based on DiscJet 4/7
    - first digital CD tester QC-CDD40
    2001- Handling tools for manipulation with CDs
    - Manufacturing of industrial CD spindles
    - 12x speed with 8 recorders in a new generation of CDR duplicators
    - CD printer 2880dpi
    2002 - the introduction of a new type of CD printer 2400 dpi for print media (CD, business cards)
    - The introduction of the CD tray Shuttle - OEM
    - Design and implementation of production ADF CDT-16 (new concept)
    - Production of universal adapters for labeling the shape media
    - Establishment of an international group IG Alliance
    - The introduction of new production series CD/DVD duplicators Series Smart Line
    - Label Designer software
    2003- construction of a new concept of the ADF-02 Gamma CDT
    - The new series duplicators CD-RW and DVD-RW discs
    - Disc Manager software for assemblies with automatic duplicators printing
    2004- designing and manufacturing a new concept of automatic feeders DELTA
    - Proposal for a new CD/DVD printer ODP-200-based HP ink-jet 5166 and 5652
    - Gamma STOR - new applications for automatic archiving
    - Gamma Clavia - a new application for digital photo labs
    - Software Disc Manager - Network Applications
    2005 - design and construction of the printer with a DVD recorder for fy SEIKO Precision
    - The new series duplicators CD-RW and DVD-RW discs
    - Software Disc Manager - new features ARC and DMS for user applications
    - Design and construction of a peripheral device "Alpha" for printing and duplication with automatic
      serving in an office environment
    - Applications using Gamma and Delta systems under LINUX - user applications
    2006- production of a new office system concept Alpha for backup, archiving, printing
      and copying CD/DVD drives
    2007- new office system concept Omega with ink-jet and re-transfer printers
    2008 - production printers for passports KSP-1
    2009- development and design of new principles of printing passports
    2010 - start of production and export of new printer models for passports
    2011- Extending the portfolio of automated CD/DVD/BD discs on Delta-PA (printer-autoloader)
    2012- Implementation of the Delta PC-PA and Alpha Plus, expanding application possibilities,
      production printers plastic cards.

    For OEM partners TERRA offers these key modules:

    • regular 2revolution controllers MINI-line and PC-line for diskette duplicators
    • special 2 or 3rev. floppy drives with analog outputs for quality control
    • MPC cards for high end quality evaluation
    • MPC plus for industrial certification
    • MPC plus set for precisse diskette analyzis
    • COPYJET C4/T - 3,5" diskette autoloader
    • Manufacturing of special electronics for OEM partners in the USA
    • DiscJet 4 and 7 -  CD autoloader

    For distributors and end users are offered these products:

    • CopyJet diskette duplicators T4000 series  in stand-aloneand PC versions
    • In-Line Labeler LA 30 for 3.5" diskettes (standalone or In-Line) modes
    • Diskette analyzer TL 3500 for blank and recorded media, for drive analyzis
    • TL 35 for incomming inspection and quality evaluation of diskettes
    • CDR-4000 multi-target CD-R duplicator and mutli-function system for high production
    • Network for CDR-4000 ,  software CD-Disc manager DOS & Win95/NT
    • CDR-4600 Stand-alone CD-R duplicator with 8 drives
    • New generation of CD applicators for professional use and media labels
    • CD printer Stylus 1440dpi for printing on printable CD-R in many variations
    • QC40 CD digital tester and analyzer of recorded CDs and stamper player

    For all customers TERRA computer systems provides these services:

    • diskette duplication, label printing, labeling and pre-labeling, diskette certification,
    • silkscreen printing and packaging
    • CD-R duplication and color printing
    • CD-ROM pressing, printing and packaging
    • CD-ROM premastering

    About us >> Company profile >> From history
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