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    Little from history...

    TERRA computer systems was founded in 1990 as a private company with a focus on special disc-oriented electronics and computer technology. The main focus in the years 1990 to 1997 was mostly focused on the development and manufacture of automated diskette duplicators, labelers and analyzers. Collective accounted for about 20 workers.

    Since 1997, we focused on coming media recordable CD-R, DVD-R and later BD-R optical discs. Mainly the development of automatic feeders, printers for direct printing and writing, including our own software for full system control.

    In 2007 we started the development and production printers for passports and more focused on a special printing equipments we produce today.


    Service, sales department and foreign trade are an integral part. Since 1999, the company is housed in its own premises in the street Olomoucká 81 in Brno. This enabled us to equip its own machine shop, especially a prototype workshop.

    The company currently has 15 employees. We manufacture and supply mechanical and electrical assemblies or complete product assembly, especially for foreign customers. The main focuse is still duplication, archiving and backup automated systems CD, DVD, BD including printing, card, label and passport printers, especially for export.


    Our motto - Professional in Duplication - still alive !

    Little from history...     

    About us >> Company profile
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