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    CD, DVD, BD print

    We offer high quality printers for direct print onto printable CD/DVD/BD media.

    Printers are made for manual use or also in combination with an autoloader or to complete duplication systems Gamma or Delta for on demand copying and printing.

    We offer following printing techologies:

    • thermal ink-jet technology
    • thermal re-transfer technology

    Every technology needs proper media type !  

    Thanks to new technology, called WaterShield, from Taiyo Yuden, Japan,  we can achieve briliant water-resistante full color prints with thermal ink-jet printers or excellent water-resistant and scratch-proof prints with thermo re-transfer on P-55, from Teac, Japan.

    Thermal ink-jet printers are based on HP technology, hot drops are smaller than 3 picolitters, full color print with C/M/Y (color) and LC/LM/LY (photo) cartridges . Print takes from 30 sec up to 2 min. according to the set quality . 

    Thermal re-transfer printer transfer ful color print (C/M/Y or Black ribon) on the basic transparent tape and than on the disc surface. Print takes fixed time, about 2 min.

    Products >> CD, DVD, BD print
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